Free Membership


Anyone can register for a free membership at no cost. The free tier membership includes access to the first video from each of the MoveMEnt Topics. Membership topics include:

  • A few different perspectives about play
  • Can work be play?
  • When it doesn’t feel like play
  • Day to day problems with playful solutions
  • Learning in playful ways
  • Our playful past
  • Play in our future
  • Simple, cheap ways you can keep it interesting at home
  • Flow during single movement

Each topic is subdivided into areas of the body which are focused on in each video, providing you with guidance, stretches and exercise you can perform while following along with the video. The intention is to provide you with ideas and options which you can use at home, or wherever you are, to utilize the knowledge of physiotherapy from Homebody Health to assist you in your movement journey.


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